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    About Us

    Steve and Alyssa Terpstra are the team behind interior design-build studio, Coco & Jack. Their designs are known to be classic, casual and comfortable for everyday living.


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    Our Story


    We are Steve and Alyssa Terpstra, the husband and wife team behind Annie & Flora Market.


    Together, we run Coco & Jack, a design & build studio. I (Alyssa), had always dreamt of going into the interior design world, and after graduating from college I was referred to a high end firm in Toronto. I quickly realized the hour long commute and corporate scene wasn’t for me, and in 2011 I decided to open up my own firm in my hometown, Ancaster.


    At the time, Steve was not picturing a career in design and home building. Instead, he was working in the trade of welding and fabrication. In 2014 he opened a small shop in Hamilton and worked on projects across Ontario.


    As I started to take on larger clients, they were also looking for someone to coordinate the construction side of the projects. I turned to Steve and asked if he would close down his welding shop and join me. The initial answer was a definite no, but as a few months passed he started getting his head around the idea and we began planning a new business together. In 2016 we started Coco & Jack (named after our two oldest children), taking on clients across southern Ontario, and helping them through the design and build process of their homes.


    It had always been a dream to start a furniture and home decor shop. A place to offer a handpicked selection of items that reflected the comfortable and casual interiors of Coco & Jack. In 2020 Annie & Flora Market (named after our two younger daughters), an online furniture and home decor shop was started. One year later we opened our first brick and mortar in the historic town of Ancaster. It offers a large selection of meaningful pieces that have been sourced to give your house a comfortable and inviting feel for you to call home.


    About the Shop

    Annie & Flora Market is a hand picked collection of pieces for the home. Curated to make classic, casual and comfortable interiors more accessible for homeowners.

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    Annie & Flora Market is a curated collection of pieces for the home. Started by Steve & Alyssa from Coco & Jack, each piece is handpicked to give interiors a classic and casual feel.

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