Tito Double Handle Turkish Pot

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Our exquisite Antique and Vintage Turkish Pots, each a captivating piece steeped in history and tradition. Crafted between 80 to over 150 years ago, these pots have weathered the passage of time, gaining a rich patina and an aura of timeworn charm that speaks volumes about their storied past.Originally designed for storing olive oil, fermenting wine, and preserving water, these pots carry with them the legacy of centuries-old practices.Every pot is a unique testament to Turkish craftsmanship and heritage, showcasing distinctive patterns, textures, and hues that reflect the passage of time and the hands that crafted them. Whether displayed as a statement piece in your home or utilized for its original purpose, these antique pots add a touch of historical elegance to any space.

Variations in colour and imperfections are part of the the natural, distressed finish that comes from vintage/salvaged pottery. All dimensions are estimated due to variations in each unique item.

Chips, holes, cracks & grazing are a part of vintage pottery and add to their beauty & charm.
These pots are Final Sale.

15"H - 18"H

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